Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mitt's grateful

So Sarah Palin is under the microscope for all sorts of things from beauty contests to basketball to her expense account.

One interesting attack goes like this: She belongs to a church that prays for the souls of homosexuals. Can you believe it?

I ask: What would Mitt do?

Well, the Mormon Church has entered the battle on same-sex marriage in California, seeking to motivate its members to vote against it in November.

What is the Mormon position on homosexuals? Well, you can read it here at the Church website:

The nitty-gritty is that the Church recognizes that some people struggle with same-gender feelings. It is not a sin to have those feelings. It is a sin to act on those urges and engage in sexual acts with others of the same sex.

It is also hoped (prayed, if you will) that the individuals will seek counseling. The church sponsors an addiction recovery program (not specifically for sexual addictions) as a way to assist people to overcome at least the habits of homosexuality.

I know, they can’t help it…it isn’t an illness…there’s nothing wrong with that choice…studies show their brains work differently (so do the brains of alcoholics but we don’t encourage them to drink themselves silly)…they have a right to live as they choose…

Save it! There are millions of people in America who view homosexuality as wrong. They don’t put on leather Speedos and parade around carrying protest signs, but they do believe gays and lesbians need rehab, not validation for their “choice.”

If this is your election deal-breaker, I would guess that you will also disagree with Palin on many other issues.

But if you think open gayness has gotten out of hand, maybe you’ll agree with Sarah’s church.

Then again, progressives aren’t much for organized religion. They get nervous when anyone, including evangelicals, feel strongly about something. But it gives a little relief from the bitterness.

That’s it! Obama feels threatened because religion offers an antidote…and Barack is the antidote. There can be no other solution.

I’m thinking Mitt is a grateful man as he watches from a distance the examination of all things Palin.

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