Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Issues please

I’m tired of the “phenoms” Obama and Palin. The GOP really did a number on the Obama campaign with the selection of Sarah Palin. She has shot up like a rocket on the national stage, hogging (watch those pig-like references) the stage.

Driving home from a meeting last night I tuned in three talk radio stations. They were all talking about Sarah and so pleased that someone has upstaged Barack. One host has been taking 100% of his calls from women ever since Palin was nominated. And there is no lack of call activity.

This comeuppance is fun for a few days, watching Oprah make an absolute fool of herself as she snubs Sarah, and (by extension) all the women with special needs children and/or a real family.

It is fun to hear some of the negatives about Sarah’s past like, “Do you realize she shoots wolves from aircraft? How cruel!”

But there comes a time when the people really want to see some plans for America. And we want to analyze those plans to see what they cost, and who will benefit, and how likely they are to succeed.

Instead we get these strategies about attacking, getting tough, or fighting back. Typical mudslinging.

What we need is a serious evaluation of the direction these different leaders want to take us. Ross Perot got out his charts and graphs. Let’s see some evidence that these candidates have spent any time at all on the details.

Or are we so enthralled by reality TV that this is just another episode of American Idol. Which party has the best entertainer? Do we want to look at/listen to Obama for four years or Palin?

The way it looks now, this is all a beauty contest. Let’s hope we see something more in the next few weeks.

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