Thursday, September 11, 2008

Are Obama and McCain the same?

When it comes to immigration policy people like me aren’t too happy about the choice we have this year. McCain teamed up with Ted Kennedy and put his name to the last reform bill effort.

And he gets a little upset with his colleagues when they claim he’s an opportunist on immigration. Remember the spring of 2007 when fellow GOP senators chided him for parachuting into the process after being away campaigning?

Remember his expletive-laced insistence that he knows more about the issue than any of his fellow GOP senators?

McCain claims to have won 75% of the Latino vote in Arizona last election. Surely his stance is pleasing to the builders, landscapers, and farmers of Arizona as well. So, there are some political reasons for him to be pro-illegal alien; reasons that go beyond the brown vote.

But just how deep does his philosophy go?

Obama reads like an open book on the issue. He’s all for redistributing wealth through taxation and trade. He’s for a socialistic approach to the services and functions of government.

It’s hard to tell with McCain.
He’s pro-NAFTA.
He’s promising job training and income subsidies to help the unemployed.
He’s in favor of keeping business taxes low, especially small business.
He’s offering a low-interest, government-backed mortgage replacement program.
He’s got a health plan that will make insurance affordable for all.

My question is, which one will motivate the most illegal aliens to come to the United States? The signals Bush sent created part of the invasion.

I have to believe that either choice will encourage illegals to make their move. I also tend to believe that Obama will resonate with more of them. His style is more charismatic. His party is more behind him.

On that alone, McCain is slightly less objectionable than Obama.

Watch the remittances. Right now the money sent back to Mexico is DOWN about 7% in July compared to last year. Year-to-date, it’s down 2.9%. If that trend continues, we’ll know there is a reason to pack up and go home.

If it begins to rise based on pre-election polls, we’ll be able to tell who the Mexicans are backing; more precisely, who they think can deliver an amnesty plan.

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