Thursday, July 17, 2008

"There's a problem with your order"

Somewhere this morning a hapless drug dealer is explaining to his boss that his shipment of cocaine has been delayed. Anyone who has had to deliver bad news to his boss can feel sorry for this poor fellow. But since this boss carries a loaded pistol I’m sure the distress is heightened.

It was a great plan. Pack the cocaine in a submarine in Colombia and head north; except the Mexican Navy got in the way.

There’s an old joke that the new vessels of the Mexican Navy have glass bottoms so they can see the old Mexican Navy…but in this case it paid off.

The 30-foot sub with a crew of four was intercepted 200 miles off the coast of Oaxaca State.

Thor Heyerdahl they ain’t, but it was a clever idea. Imagine the problems we could solve in Washington with ingenuity and determination like that.

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