Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Illegals are (were) cleaning up...

…in Rhode Island.

Back in March the governor of Rhode Island issued an Executive Order cracking down on illegal aliens in our smallest state.

Governor Carcieri put together a panel of advisors to monitor the situation and make sure the Order doesn’t infringe on the rights of legal immigrants and citizens.

At the same time this committee was meeting Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) was conducting a sweep of janitors at six Rhode Island courthouses.

The courthouses are cleaned by workers hired by independent contractors, not government employees.

Well, what have we here? The press reports say there were “dozens” of arrests made and a “substantial” percentage of the employees of the two contractors involved were arrested.

The Rhode Island State Police assisted in the operation.

And as one might expect, there were protests from Latino activists and at least one state senator, Grace Diaz. And there were comments that there are innocent children involved. That is the card they will play, you know.

One article noted that the investigation was initiated in June by the state judiciary and turned over to ICE for further investigation and execution of the raid.

But, what about the toilets? Who will sweep the floors and polish the glass?

From The Providence Journal
“The courthouse doesn't seem to suffer from a lack of maintenance. The lobby floors shine and a first-floor bathroom appears clean.”


Asked who will clean the courthouses today, Berke said, “They’ll be cleaned. Not every employee of the vendor was taken into custody today. And we also have daytime maintenance staff who will have to do double duty” today.

(end of quotes)

Pushing back is not pleasant, but it IS possible.

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