Monday, July 14, 2008

An eloquent explanation

Have you noticed all the institutions in ourcountry that are ashamed to be called American? Thomas Jefferson is no longer a brilliant statesman but rather the father of illegitimate slave children.

Benjamin Franklin has been reduced to an adulterer.

Abraham Lincoln slept with other men.

Well, someone has written an explanation. His name is Mark Krikorian. The book is “The New Case Against Immigration.” Here’s what he wrote:
“…our elites in government, business, education, religion, philanthropy, journalism, and other fields have become ‘post-American.’ Post-Americans are not necessarily anti-American; it’s just that their chief political allegiance is no longer with the United States. They don’t feel the visceral emotional attachment to the American national community that is the mark of patriotism, instead seeing themselves chiefly as ‘citizens of the world’ or perhaps as part of a multinational corporation or of an ethnic or other group that is the chief object of their affections and attachment.” Pg. 26

He goes on to explain that these elites see things quite differently than we do. He cites a survey of executives, Congressmen, labor leaders, media executives, religious leaders, and leaders of special interest groups and think tanks. The Chicago Council on Foreign Relations published these results.

Current levels of immigration pose “a critical threat to the vital interests of the United States.”
60% of us commoners said yes.
14% of the elites agreed.

Reducing illegal immigration
70% of us.
22% of the elites.

Reduction of legal immigration
55% of the general public
18% of the elite.

Krikorians point is that these results aren’t just about cheap labor. The elites who represent the institutions of America have been converted to a global view of things, to the detriment of patriotism.

And our immigrants have taken that cue and failed at patriotic assimilation. They prefer to be identified as Mexican-American or Asian-American or some other hyphenation.

As I have become involved with anti-illegal alien organizations I have noticed a large number of war veterans. They are offended by people who come here uninvited and take advantage of our country. And they feel that our politicians have sold us down the river.

When Obama tells a town meeting…“You know, it's embarrassing, it's embarrassing when -- when, uh, Europeans come over here, they all speak English, they speak French, they speak German. And then we go over to Europe, and all we can say is, ‘Merci beaucoup.’”…is he showing his stripes? Does America embarrass Obama?

I know he didn’t mean to dis our country when he said that, but the lapel pin thing and this statement lead me to believe he wants America to be more cosmopolitan.

I know churches that don’t like to display the American flag in the sanctuary because it might offend someone from another country. They tell the congregation that true patriotism is in your heart, not on the flagpole. And that’s a fine explanation.

But institutional leaders sometimes need to back the USA. Remember how we felt in the weeks and months after 9/11? Sure we flew the flag, but other things began to happen.

People started going back to church. They began praying again. They got married. They started families. They enlisted. They reformed relationships with estranged siblings. They gave blood.

We don’t want to be post-American. We don’t want to be cosmopolitan. If “multiculturalism” means turning our country over to other customs, cultures and languages, then we don’t want that either.

Watch for post-Americanism coming out of the mouths of politicians, principals, and preachers. And stand up and call them on it.

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