Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Nanny vs. Tabby

That wild and crazy Chicago City Council is at it again. As though our reputation for being a Nanny State isn't bad enough with the goose liver pate ban (currently rescinded) to street-corner cameras the Aldermen have come up with yet another intrusion.

They are at this moment debating MANDATORY spaying/neutering of all family pets in the Chicago city limits. The impetus is pit bull breeders but they are taking it to the limit by suggesting that the government has ultimate control over gonads.

(Insert Rod Blagojevich joke now, folks.)

I'm sure it'll pass, too. After all, dogs and cats can't vote.

I suppose they can always move to the suburbs.

I want to attend the training class for the Chicago Police Department. How do you pat down a collie to check for ovaries?

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