Monday, June 25, 2012

Taking Stock of the Situation

(In the aftermath of the U S Supreme Court ruling of Arizona SB1070)

If I’m an illegal alien (or a future one) I’m feeling pretty good these days.
For example, worksite raids have ended thanks to Obama’s selective enforcement (or lack thereof) of federal laws prohibiting people to work without authorization.
So, the feds won’t check up on you…and as of today the U S Supreme Court has forbidden the states from checking.

Illegal aliens can go ahead and work with confidence.  In fact, the only suckers are the citizens who dutifully fill out their I-9 forms and provide the required ID to employers.

Speaking of ID, remember that pesky rule that’s on the books requiring immigrants to carry their papers?  That is so yesterday.  Once again, the feds don’t bother to check and the states are forbidden to do so.  “We don’t need no stinkin’ papers.”

And if you drag your children across the border they have Obama’s blessing that they can take our jobs and get an automatic work permit.  Sweet.

What’s even better is that Obama’s opponent in the November election sounds like he’ll do the same thing or something similar.

So, if you’re an illegal alien you should be breathing easier these days.  The rules you thought you were breaking are not being enforced.

For the rest of us, I wonder just how this soft approach is going to serve to deter future illegal aliens.  Just how is this supposed to help?

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