Monday, June 18, 2012

Plouffe Spills the Beans

David Plouffe is credited as the new media mastermind of Obama’s 2008 win.  And he was on the air Sunday spouting the talking points of the campaign.

He was dancing around Obama’s poor performance on the economy by going back to the “Blame Bush” meme.  Plouffe told Fox News Sunday, “Listen, this was a deep hole caused by same policies Romney wants to go back to.”  Perfect!  Blame Bush and paint Romney with the same stripes…all without a rational thought.

Hidden in his excuse is the fundamental difference between the candidates.  Obama believes he can fix the economy with higher taxes, mandated benefits programs and more government workers.  It’s more like socialism than a free market economy.

On the other hand, Romney believes we ought to foster the business environment with lower taxes, fewer government-mandated programs and fewer government workers.

Obama takes no blame for the mortgage crash or the failed bailouts.  He deflects any criticism of cash-for-clunkers or Solyndra.  Obama takes no blame for strangling business loans with new regulations.  His whole excuse is that Bush left him with a mess and it’s going to take another term to fix it.

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