Friday, June 29, 2012

Gagging again

Once is more than enough.
  • Do you remember how Obamacare failed twice in Congress?
  • Do you remember the costume party at the White House where white lab coats were provided for the photo op with the doctors who supported it?
  • Do you remember that Obama cut a deal with pharma early on so they would stand aside during the public debate on Obamacare?
  • Do you remember all the deals and procedural dancing to get it passed?
  • Do you remember Pelosi telling us to get it passed so we can find out what's in it?
  • Do you remember that Obama claimed there was no GOP alternative?
We gagged and Congress passed the bill on a week end.

Now I feel like the Supreme Court just shoved it all further down our throats.

Let us hope there is a strong gag reflex on November 6th.

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