Monday, June 18, 2012

Once Again, Timing is Everything

Obama has pulled off another pre-emptive strike.  Not in Syria or Afghanistan.  In Pennsylvania.

Romney was slated to make a campaign stop in Weatherly PA, less than ten miles from Hazelton, home of the famous Hazelton illegal alien ordinance.  No one knows if Mitt was planning to use the illegal alien problem as a rallying cry while in the area, but it is interesting that Obama chose that same day to come out with his program to stall the deportation of teens and young adults.

I am concerned that Romney didn’t turn the tables on him.  He could have used the Hazelton cause as a prime example of the lack of action by the executive branch to enforce the law.  The Hazelton story is one of frustration and political courage.

Instead Romney chose to agree with Obama on the need for a work permit program.  He even invoked Marco Rubio.  What none of them understand is that giving illegal aliens what they want will only encourage more families to come here. 

One commentator said amnesty equals citizenship and this program doesn’t offer citizenship.  Well, a quick look at the low naturalization rates will reveal that illegals don’t care about citizenship.  They just want to work.  And renewable work papers are all the amnesty they need.

So, Obama pulled one over on Mitt while he was nine miles from Hazelton.

The GOP is going to have to find some courage or they will clutch defeat from the jaws of victory.

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