Sunday, June 21, 2009

When your number's up...

Mexican gunmen stop ambulance, kill patient inside
By GUSTAVO RUIZ, The Associated Press
7:10 p.m. June 19, 2009

MORELIA, Mexico — Gunmen tossed a grenade at an ambulance and then opened its doors to kill a patient inside who had narrowly survived an earlier shooting in a drug cartel-plagued Mexican state Friday. Paramedics ran for their lives during the attack.

Vehicles carrying four masked gunmen cut off the ambulance around 2 a.m. as it carried the 23-year-old man to a hospital in Morelia, the capital on Michoacan state, according to a report from the state prosecutor's office.

Assailants tossed a fragmentation grenade at the ambulance, setting it on fire, and the two paramedics ran away, according to the police report. The gunmen then opened the back doors and fired at the patient and his wife, who was accompanying him.

The man died and the 20-year-old woman was listed in serious condition. No arrests have been made.

They always get their man. Yikes!

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