Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Reaction time

Did you notice that the Pentagon was broadcasting reports that there is no terrorist link in the Air France plane crash? They were saying that BEFORE they even located the plane. They have no clue what happened but they were sure to get that tidbit out.

Contrast that to the fact that it took the government WEEKS to even mouth the word "Mexico" when talking about tainted tomatoes or the swine flu.

Remember when Bush was out there on 9/11 before the dust even settled telling Americans that Muslims are generally a peace-loving people and that we must not retaliate with individual acts of violence against Arabs living in the United States?

I missed the government announcement after Dr. Tiller was gunned down telling us that most Pro-life people are peace-loving citizens.

Then again, there is the blatant gap in coverage about the Army recruiters gunned down by an Islamic convert in Little Rock a couple of days ago.

Just for grins, here's a Harris survey from March 2008 on our level of media trust:

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