Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Iran question

The way I see it, Obama is wise not to say too much about Iran. If you don't like the way Iraq is shaping up, you really won't like Iran.

Like Iraq under Sadam, Iran is being run be a tyrant. Unlike Iraq, that tyrant happens to be a Muslim cleric. And the Ayatollah calls all the shots. That's why he declared the winner of the recent election.

This guy Ahmadinejad has about as much real power as Joe Biden. He's great for funerals but isn't in charge of anything.

Iran is 89% Shia and the world's #4 oil producer.
Iraq is 60-65% Shia and #13 for oil.

So the strident Iranian foreign policy comes to us from the Ayatollah. Who in their right mind wants to fight a theocracy, right after we told the world in Egypt how we want to embrace Islam.

Now, had this been in the pre-Carter days we might have done something with the CIA's DDT (Department of Dirty Tricks) but those days are over. You know, human rights, self-determination, no regime-change efforts...all that political fodder that has given power to terrorists the world over.

And if I recall, we once left the Kurds high-and-dry in Iraq.

Besides, we've got two wars going already and we owe most of the troops a rest after extending tours of duty over and over again.

So, we have no army and we lack the political will to back up our support for the protesters. Obama can shoot his mouth off but not much else. To overthrow Iran is to overthrow militant Islam.

A little military trivia for you: The Iraqi military modified the SCUD missiles to give them more distance. What did they name the new missile?

Answer: al Hussein

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