Friday, June 19, 2009

Can't seem to get a date

People are very busy in Washington. You really must plan way ahead, especially if the meeting involves many groups.

Take the closed-door immigration summit Obama put together for June 8th. It was supposed to include members of Congress from both sides of the aisle, Latino activists, and other "stakeholders".

Well, something came up. How about June 17th? OK. Fine.

Suddenly June 17th was out. Cancelled again at the last minute.

But this time there hasn't been a new date set.

Stay tuned. With that bunch talking amnesty behind closed doors it could be a disaster. Obama hates people looking over his shoulder and challenging his transparency, but he also knows that legalization irks Americans and challenges ethics.

This is the year to get it done because Obama promised he would and no one in the House wants to have to defend that decision in an election year.

Sorry, Mr. President, there is no way to do this one quietly. Good luck.

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