Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Top Down Administration

Did you ever work for a boss who had to supervized every move you made, even if it was "by the book"?

It appears that Janet Napolitano over at Homeland Security is upset about an ICE raid on a company in Bellingham, Washington. She's peeved because she didn't know about it. This is the first worksite raid of the Obama administration.

Did it turn out badly? Well, no. They had done their homework and found exactly what they expected during the raid: People working who did not have a lawful right to do so because they were immigrants with fake papers or no papers at all.

The employer was cooperative after a criminal illegal alien had been deported. It turns out he used to work there, which started the investigation.

They arrested 28 people.

Here's where the micromanaging comes in. Napolitano has ordered an investigation because she wasn't advised of the raid in advance.

She tipped her hand that raids will focus on employers and relegate to "victim" status those who purchased fake IDs and took jobs from Americans.

It is all in keeping with the campaign of Illinois congressman Luis Gutierrez called "Family Unity" where he is going around the country saying we must stop the raids.

Clearly the Obama platform is taking shape. Those who work here illegally are to be left alone and the employers must be made to pay for hiring them.

I say they both must pay. Employers who hire illegals should be fined like the McDonalds franchise in Reno. But it makes no sense to give the illegal alien workers a free pass. Punishing them with deportation is obviously part of the equation as well. Otherwise, they'll just move on to another job and the magnet will continue to attract more people without work authorization.

I know this doesn't sit well with the libs, but the laws are on the books.

And here are some quotes from previous federal commissions who studied the illegal alien problem years ago. Their points are far more valid today.

A credible immigration system requires the effective and timely removal of aliens determined through constitutionally-sound procedures to have no right to remain in the United States. As the Commission stated in its 1994 Report, if unlawful aliens believe that they can remain indefinitely once they are within our national borders, there will be increased incentives to try to enter or remain illegally. US Immigration Commission -1997

The Commission recommends the elimination of the admission of unskilled workers. Unless there is another compelling interest, such as in the entry of nuclear families and refugees, it is not in the national interest to admit unskilled workers. This is especially true when the U.S. economy is showing difficulty in absorbing disadvantaged workers and when efforts towards welfare reform indicate that many unskilled Americans will be entering the labor force. US Immigration Commission -1995

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