Monday, February 16, 2009

Labor rears its ugly head again

Roland Burris added another name to his contacts with Blago about filling Obama's seat in the senate - Ed Smith.

Edward M. Smith is the International Vice President of Laborers' International Union of North America (LIUNA) and President of ULLICO, the union insurance arm.

Smith was also a significant fundraiser for Blago. (As we are finding out, Blago has several key fundraisers including his own brother.)

From an immigration point-of-view the position of Smith and the LIUNA is an important issue. It is:
We do not believe that we are a nation which should allow millions to live here, work hard, pay taxes and contribute to our country for years and then tell those millions they are no longer wanted and must leave.
• The only realistic solution is a path to earned citizenship that allows undocumented workers to join with all workers for better lives—for their place in the American Dream, in our communities, our unions and our society.
(from the LIUNA website)

So, I ask the same question I asked about the involvement of SEIU: Why would anyone even consider contacting a union leader for access to an elected official and his influence in the appointment of a Senator?

Why would Obama's staffer, Valerie Jarrett, talk with the SEUI about the Senate seat? And why would she feel inclined to report it?

Why would Burris think it important to name LIUNA leader Smith as an important contact in the decision to replace Obama?

This all points to a rather ugly trend, don't you think?

Worse, don't you think it odd that Obama and others are not speaking out about this obvious corruption in our political process?

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