Monday, February 2, 2009

Obama, Inc.

Perhaps you saw the article in your paper. Ours was in the Sunday edition with the headline: “White House Lawyers Look to Limit Commercial Use of President’s Image”

It seems the President doesn’t much care for certain forms of Obamania. The First Lady has already had a fit over the dolls.

But he’s no happier than Michelle. The article points out that Southwest Airlines did a “Yes You Can” campaign and Ben & Jerry’s sells “Yes Pecan” ice cream.

The funny thing about those examples is that Obama STOLE “Yes we can” from the migrant farm workers! What’s he got to complain about?

It's also peculiar that the TV networks were showing an old home video of the Obama family from a few years back. It must not be a privacy issue. I'm guessing it is a control issue. He wants to have his finger on the message button at all times lest someone poke fun at him or oppose his work.

(This gives all the more credence to the idea that the left wants to kill free speech through the Fairness Doctrine.)

Looking ahead to four years of political cartoons, he’d better lighten up a bit.

What’s he going to do, copyright everything he says or does or wears? “Change” may mean that he’ll be the first president with his own line of licensed products.

My first impression is that there must be tons of t-shirts left over at

or at

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