Monday, December 29, 2008

Opie and the creep

Washington runs on acronyms.

You have the departments like FBI, HUD, EPA, OSHA, FAA, FDA, USDA…

Then you have the legislation…DREAM, SAVE…even PATRIOT. What’s a staff to do? It’s either alphabet soup or the bill number. The days of calling something simply “the farm bill” are over, unless of course it is the annual farm bill.

So it is only natural for scandals to involve all sorts of acronyms as well.

A case in point is CREEP, which stands for The Committee to Re-elect the President. It was made up of politicians and power brokers who had one mission; get their guy elected. And CREEP played a central role in Watergate.

So, I think we need to be prepared. What can we do with this one: The Office of the President-elect?

I was thinking OPIE. It suggests youth and innocence.

Or how about OOPSIE?


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