Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas came early

The pig has disavowed any relationship with the Illinois Governor. He said, "The first and only time I met him was at the state fair. He approached me. I didn't want to be rude. There was a crowd of people who were witnesses. He said I looked good. I told him 'thank you.' That was it."

Blago was led away in handcuffs this morning.

As Dick Durbin makes a pitch to have George Ryan released from prison it looks like another Illinois governor is being fitted for an orange jumpsuit.

As recently as yesterday Blago told everyone he had nothing to hide. Now it looks like two months of recent wiretaps will prove otherwise.

The arrest of a sitting governor is unusual. They could have indicted him.

But this case is a bit time-sensitive. He was poised to name a replacement for Obama’s senate seat. And he was wheeling and dealing with that power.

It has come to light that he was bidding with our friends at SEIU (the Service Employees International Union) for a guaranteed job for himself in exchange for naming their man (a woman in this case) as senator.

I hope they nail the SEIU for their role in this as well, but I’m guessing they won’t even be charged.

One of the possible scenarios was that Blago was going to name HIMSELF as senator, thus extracting him from the mess he’s created in Springfield and setting himself up for a run for the White House.

So they removed him altogether before he could make the appointment.

Pat Quinn is in charge for now. I like Quinn. He’s shown some integrity.

But Blago is a lawyer and he will do all he can to save his own skin and exercise power.

I’m shaking my head over this. These are all recent actions. He’s been a suspect for three years! You would think a rational human being would say, “They are on to me. I’d better cool it. Maybe I can save my career if I stop now.”

But instead he just went wild. Politics is like a drug.

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