Monday, December 29, 2008

The fate of Fitz

Patrick Fitzgerald just might have attained eternal political life. After all, can Obama fire him? (I know, he probably WANTS to.)

Let’s see, Alberto Gonzalez and Kyle Sampson will probably advise him that it is a bad idea to fire federal prosecutors. And Karl Rove would tell you just to tough it out. The last thing you want to do is fire someone over at Justice for political reasons.

Bill Clinton would tell him to fire them all. That way you get rid of the sore when you clean house. But I’m not sure even that would be a good idea. There is just too much history with Patrick Fitzgerald that touches the life of the president-elect.

It seems to me that Fitzgerald has a job for life. There is so much to clean up and he is so good at it.

The only thing that could take him down is a Spitzer-esque personal scandal. And Fitzgerald is a good Catholic boy who just got married six months ago. I’m thinking adultery is not on his mind.

The only thing that could ruin him is a run for public office.

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