Friday, December 5, 2008

The agenda shapes up

The vortex is Cuba, a place where the new president can make a difference.

I told you about Sean Penn and his diplomatic efforts. Now Fidel has given the nod to a dialogue with BO. Here’s how it all shapes up.

Presidential itinerary ~ March 14, 2009 through March 19, 2009
Day 1 – Photo op at Guantanamo Bay where the detainees are freed. Be sure to get photos and accounts of the abuse, weight-loss, and detention of innocents so we can pay all those pain-and-suffering claims.

(Look through the old White House files, boys. In the Jimmy Carter section under “Human Rights” you’ll find all sorts of plans. No need to reinvent the wheel. But don’t go too far; things got sticky with Iran in 1979.)

Day 2 – Still at Guantanamo, Raul Castro comes to visit.

Day 3 – Secretary of Health and Human Services, Michael Moore, arrives to flesh out the new health care plan using the Havana model.

Day 4 – BO visits Havana to meet with Fidel himself who is too ill to travel.

Day 5 – Back in Washington the White House issues a statement that the “wet foot, dry foot” policy has been rescinded and Cuban refugees will now be received at a special facility in the Florida Keys called Ellis Island Two. Plans were unveiled for the construction of a Statue of Libertad at the pier.

Day 6 – The HAFTA accord is signed (Havana Area Free Trade Agreement) opening the door for a good five-cent cigar in the United States. In exchange, major surgery for Medicare patients will be performed in Cuban hospitals.

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