Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Wait 'til I get home

You are in BIG TROUBLE, Mister. I leave the country for a few days and you Republican Senators start asking questions about MY comprehensive immigration reform package.

Yes, I took out the part about back taxes. Yes, some felons can stay. Yes, I get to decide when we’ve built enough of the fence.

How dare you look out for the interests of the citizens?



  1. The legislative (and, to some extent, the judicial) have long been ignoring the wishes of the constituency.

    In 1994, California passed ballot initiative Prop 187, which would deny social services to illegal and require illegal aliens who've committed felonies to be reported to California's AG. It passed with %60 of the vote.

    And was promptly overturned by a judge, whose decision was appealed by the state. The state dropped the appeal as soon as Gray Davis, the only governor of California to be recalled, took office.

  2. They say a strong governor would have been able to stand up to the appeal. As I understand it, they used the Plyler v Doe case about public education to block it.

    As I recall, even the Hispanic voters in CA voted for 187.