Saturday, June 9, 2007

Is it slavery?

Thomas Jefferson gave a rather detailed account of the negotiations surrounding the articles of confederation in his autobiography. At one point the founding fathers were wrestling with the problem of apportionment/representation; apportionment being the portion of the federal invoice to be billed to each state.

They debated over whether or not to count all inhabitants (except Indians) or just the white inhabitants. Some wanted to exclude slaves as “property”; others thought that they ought to be included in the headcount since they contributed to the economy.

It is interesting to read the account in light of the illegal alien debate. It is also interesting to note the similar thoughts of our leaders. For example, read the quote from Jefferson below and see if it sounds familiar:

“It has sometimes been said that slavery is necessary because the commodities they raise would be too dear for market if cultivated by freemen.”

They were justifying slavery because they were afraid of $8 per head lettuce! Some things never change.

Several months ago I wrote a letter to Washington reminding them that this economic model only works if we pay the immigrants less than market wages and continue withholding the benefits of Social Security and Medicare. Once you pay them the same amount you would pay a citizen, and provide them benefits like a citizen, they no longer provide an advantage to our economy.

So, are they then suggesting that we officially oppress the alien? Or are they hoping to get a foot in the door and then make them beneficiaries later? Either way, it sounds like a dirty trick to me.

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