Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Mean people suck

You’ve seen the bumper sticker. These folks are all about peace, love, and tolerance. They were raised on the notion that there is no absolute truth; that we ought not impose our own set of values on someone else. In our under 30 culture, the worst sin you can commit is to judge the actions of another.

I think we’ve gone way overboard with that idea. It expresses itself in lifestyle tolerance. Those of us who feel we are being taken advantage of by illegals are among the mean people. After all, these are people who just want to work here. Our country is a better place to live. Heck, why do we have a border at all? If someone wants to come here they should be welcomed with open arms.

But what if you are impacted by illegals? It happens every day, you know. What if an illegal hits your car and just drives away? What if you are left to clean up the mess when someone uses your social security number? Does it matter if someone close to you is one of the 25 people killed each day by illegal aliens?

What if you spend three hours in the emergency room waiting your turn because illegals have turned it into a clinic? Do you mind paying more on your bill because their treatment is free? And how do you like it when your hospital closes altogether because there aren’t enough paying customers?

Is it a problem when your taxes go up to build another school or hire more teachers? Do you mind the extra expense?

We’ve been left holding the bag over and over again, and yet we seem to think it is OK. After all, to complain is what mean people do.

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