Thursday, June 14, 2007

Death in Delavan

Last Saturday night there was a horrific crime in Delavan Wisconsin, a small town 50 miles southwest of Milwaukee. Six people are dead and a seventh was shot in the chest. Police say that Amborosio Analco was jealous because his former girlfriend was dating other people so he killed her.

But they also had three children together, so he killed his six month old twin boys. He also shot his two year old daughter but she survived.

For good measure he killed his ex-girlfriend’s sister and a young woman who just happened to be visiting at the time.

Here’s what the Milwaukee paper reported about Amborosio’s criminal background: “Analco had only minor brushes with law enforcement, including tickets for speeding in 2002, driving with a suspended license in 2005 and driving without a valid license in 2006. In 2005 he was the subject of a child support action McAffee initiated in Walworth County.
“In that case, a judge ordered but stayed a six-month jail sentence for Analco on March 16 for failing to pay child support. He was ordered to pay $442 per month for all three children but owed about $4,100 in birth expenses for Jasmine, according to court records.
“Analco's first name is spelled three ways in court records: Ambrosio, Argenis and Aguenis. Walworth County District Attorney Phil Koss said Analco, who was born in Mexico, had a Social Security card, but Koss did not know if he was a U.S. citizen.”

Now, the feds have the Law Enforcement Support Center with eight databases to assist the police in identifying illegals. Maybe the cops in Delavan don’t know about it. Or maybe they are all just being PC.

I’m going to make some assumptions here, because they don’t report these things in the news. I’m going to assume that Analco is illegal. I’m guessing that tougher drivers license identification standards made it impossible for him to get a license in 2006. In Illinois they run your Social Security Number through a database to see if the info matches. If not, no license. So that’s why he went from “suspended” license in 2005 to “without a valid license” in 2006.

I’m also going to assume that the ex-girlfriend and her sister are white girls. The last name is McAffee. By the way, the sister was married to a Hispanic fellow by the name of Huerta. From the 911 tapes his English was OK but he was going back and forth between English and Spanish. I wonder if these women realized that they were three times as likely as women whose partners are white to be victims of spouse abuse? It’s a macho thing.

The other dead person is girl by the name of Iverson who is white. She went to high school with the McAffee girls and just happened to be there for a visit.

Here in Chicago last night there was a news item about a 60 year old Hispanic man who is preying on little girls on the southwest side. One TV station reported him as Hispanic but the other three do not use ethnic adjectives. It’s sort of hard to be on the lookout for someone when they don’t use words like “Asian”, “African-American”, or “Hispanic” but I guess PC is more important than safety in our society.

Maybe if the Wisconsin story read “Three white women and three babies were gunned down by an illegal Mexican in Delavan Saturday” we’d have a clearer understanding of “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”.

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