Saturday, September 22, 2012

Romney's 47%

Here’s another tempest in a teapot in the presidential campaign.  You know, the secret video of Romney saying that people getting free money from the government will never vote for him.

Gasp!  He’s right.

And it points out the same message Obama and Romney and Dinesh D'Souza have been trying to tell us all along.  It’s really a matter of semantics.  Political buzzwords are used to cloud the meaning, but it all comes down to this:

Obama believes that government exists to provide an equal quality of life for all, even if it means spending money we don’t have in order to do it.

Romney believes that government exists to preserve the rights we all have to pursue the quality of life we wish to have.

We could have long discussions about what it costs to achieve security (read – freedom from want), but we lose not only money in the form of taxation, but also liberty.

It is only natural in a campaign for one side to look at spending and ask, “Does Romney intend to cut Medicare as part of his plan to trim the size of government?”

Of course, such a question ignores all the wasteful endeavors of big government like grants, pensions and regulations.  Much of what government does is far afield of “social justice,” but you won’t hear liberals talking about that.

And Romney isn’t a real tough guy when it comes to limiting government.  He talks a rather moderate game, surely less strident than Ron Paul.

But Obama keeps promising the crowds that they will get relief from student loans, high mortgages and insurance premiums.  And he’ll throw in a cell phone and Internet bandwidth to boot.

So it really comes down to a candidate who sees government as the provider of relief from all your ills vs. a candidates who wants to dial down government a bit and work us back toward a self-reliant America.

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