Tuesday, October 9, 2012

So many questions

Jose Antonio Vargas was stopped by police near the Minneapolis Airport last week because he was wearing headphones while driving.  He would probably have been educated about the law and sent on his way…except when they ran his drivers license they discovered that it had been cancelled by the state of Washington.

Why?  Because Vargas himself made headlines in June of 2011 declaring that he was an illegal alien.  He had been using a doctored Social Security Card for years.  It turns out that the government takes a dim view of such things.

And so a courtesy stop turned into a quick investigation by ICE.  Within three hours ICE let him go, not because he’s here legally but because they claimed to have bigger fish to fry.

So, here are the questions:

Why didn’t someone catch up with him and confiscate his drivers license?

How many times did he board an airplane with a known invalid license?  Isn’t that against the law?  Or is TSA too busy feeling up grannies and children?

What liability does the government have for allowing Vargas to travel around the country and rent cars?  (By the way, the rental company immediately towed his car once it was determined that his license is invalid.)

Does our government condone his various speaking tours by not enforcing the law?

After all that, why would ICE fail to detain him?  Does he have some sort of special immunity because he’s a DREAM Act advocate?  Forget the official explanation that he wasn’t “bad enough” to deport.  Here’s a guy criss-crossing the country speaking out against the law of the land and that’s not taken into account here.  He’s simply ignoring the law.

Who is funding the Vargas tour?  How is he legally paying taxes?

This has been a bad couple of weeks for Homeland Security.   Twice they have shown the failure of their very mission – to improve communication within and between law enforcement agencies.

The first case was when two different sets of Border Patrol agents fired on each other in the Arizona desert, resulting in the death of an agent and the wounding of another.

Where was the communication between responding teams?  If BP agents can’t even communicate properly, what hope do we have that these expensive inter-agencies will work when we need to talk between the local police/fire departments and federal agencies?

And regarding Vargas, why did he still have a license?  How long can someone go with a cancelled license?  (Apparently at least 15 months.)  Why wasn’t he placed on the No Fly list?  Where’s the communication between ICE and TSA?  Where does the PC/Affirmative Action mania in this country come into play when it comes to immigration enforcement?

So many questions…and sadly, Mitt Romney isn’t asking any of them.

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