Saturday, September 8, 2012

Obama accepts the nomination

President Barack Obama signed up for a second term Thursday night by accepting the nomination of the Democrat Party.

His speech was calculated to draw a contrast between his philosophy and that of Mitt Romney.  And it was a very progressive vision.  Essentially, he wanted to perpetuate and enhance the Nanny State and get the millionaires to pay for it.

But the Nanny’s purse is empty and her credit cards are all maxed out.  And taking it all from the millionaires won’t even pay the interest.

Remember the GOP debates?  Remember the young man who asked, “For every dollar I earn, how much do you think that I deserve to keep?”

I suppose the Obama answer is that the young man should keep it all…and get subsidized tuition…and interest-free student loans…and free health care…and if he happens to be here illegally, citizenship.

This is a clear example of the difference between Obama and Romney.  As Obama has already proven, you simply cannot have the dream the Democrats are selling.  Someone has to pay for it.

The GOP makes some wild promises of its own, but at the end of the day Romney realizes that you have to make some serious cuts in spending and some folks are going to miss their entitlements.

Some of the cuts are easy.  You have to stop paying federal employees for sick days they didn’t use.  It’s simple, but the unions will squawk. 

And handing out free cell phones to welfare recipients is nonsense.  They’ve already got smart phones, so these toys are just given to their children to play with.

We’ve got entire departments in Washington that regulate everything from school lunch to CO2 emissions.  Less government means less expense.

Don’t expect Romney to have the big talk with America about doing without some of the perks.  That wouldn’t work.  He’d lose the election.

But come the inauguration, he must begin cutting deep…if we are fortunate enough to take the White House back from the progressives.

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