Saturday, July 28, 2012

Muzzling Mitt

The news outlets seem to have found a tool to keep Romney away from any substance.  They simply take any candid remark from Mitt or his people and make it the news for 48 hours.
Like the Anglo-Saxon flap.  I'm not sure why tying America's foundation to England is so politically incorrect, but to make it into headlines seems a bit foolish to me.

Then they made Romney's comments about Olympic security problems into a major diplomatic incident.  Excuse me, but Romney had a serious bombshell dropped in his lap five months before the 2002 games.  It seems to me he is uniquely qualified to point out the elephant in the middle of the room.  After all, it was in all the papers for weeks.  Is that somehow treasonous to Brits?  It shouldn't be.

So, everything is making Mitt an offender-for-a-word to avoid any legitimate comparison to Obama or, God forbid, explore his solutions to the real problems in America.

One might think that the news outlets can only do political correctness these days.  They don't do substance.  I prefer to believe that they are campaigning for the liberals.  An attack on the minutia of the Romney campaign is effective and far easier than real reporting.

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