Saturday, August 4, 2012

How NOT to Protest Traditional Marriage

Yesterday was the Kiss-in protest, a photo op showing gay pride vs. traditional marriage.

On higher ground, it is a demonstration of the right to protest vs. the right of an individual to speak out about God and marriage.

But setting aside content, let’s talk about technique here.  On August 1st those who happen to agree with CEO Cathy that traditional marriage is ordained of God chose to visit Chick-fil-A and buy a sandwich from the local restaurant.  It was a show of strength and resulted in record sales of chicken sandwiches.

Contrast that to the GBLT people who are planning a kiss-in at Chick-fil-A today.  The plan is simple.  Two (or more, I suppose) same-sex people will enter the store and give each other a passionate kiss in front of all the paying customers.

That’ll show ‘em.  NOT!

Why would anyone think this PDA would somehow help their cause?  It seems to me that even moderates who are warming up to the idea of gay rights will be turned-off by such displays.  After all, same-sex intimacy is the toughest sell when it comes to accepting gays as normal.  Two men living together and enjoying travel and conversation is fine; grown men playing tummy sticks or having anal sex…not so much.

Their parades with the bump-and-grind actions, leather outfits and chains, only serve to reinforce the stereotype of the GBLT lifestyle.  Kiss-in protests are just more of the same.

Chalk it up as just another difference between Liberals and Conservatives.  Occupy Wall Street is an entirely different game than a Tea Party rally.

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