Saturday, July 21, 2012

Candidate Choices

Here we are less than four months to election day and it has come to this.

We have Obama acting all moderate these days, just like he did in 2008.  But he’s really a Social Justice candidate.  Some call him a Socialist or even a Communist, but those are just labels.  To be sure he believes in the Nanny State where government fills in all the gaps for the disadvantaged.

From free cell phones to credit card debt write-offs, he believes that society should carry the burden.  Big government programs; big taxes; deficit spending.

He started his presidency with a full-tilt campaign for progressivism.  Listen to his state of the union speeches those first couple of years.

The midterms sent him a message but it got garbled in his head and came out, “The GOP is blocking every good work of mine.”

If Obama stays in the White House you can assume that he will make some Hail Mary efforts to add more progressive programs.  He will be thwarted to a large degree by Congress if the conservative movement holds in November.

Then there is Mitt Romney.  He is no panacea.  I would expect from his rhetoric that he will NOT be a conservative president.  He’s probably along the lines of Bush 2, one of those “compassionate conservative” types.

Romney may cut back on things like Obamacare, Medicaid and Unemployment Benefits.  If the economy revives while he’s in office, he’ll enjoy a revenue boost.  Keep in mind he’s got a lot of Obama baggage to make up for and dismantling federal programs takes years.  Don’t expect any grand reversal of spending.

Best case, we’ll be back to the GWB spending days.

In summary, there is no turnaround presidential choice here.  We’ve got Social Justice vs. Status Quo. 

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