Saturday, January 12, 2008

We've got you covered

You may recall my blog a few weeks ago about the missing manhole covers here in Elgin.
Well, we have good news. Here are the suspects in the case.

Meet Mr. Sheppard and Ms. Head. The 33-year-old Ms. Head was pulled over by Elgin police for not using her turn signal. (I leave mine on full time to avoid such problems. Just ask Joe!)

And they found 11 manhole covers in her car. The officer immediately became suspicious! Despite his model citizen appearance, Mr. Sheppard was also implicated in the scheme.

Now, I’ve talked about ROI before but this is a real bad example. The scrap yard was giving these folks $5 or $6 per manhole cover and the city pays $100 each for them. That is a real bad investment folks. I’ll bet Head has one of those subprime loans, too.

They branched out into stealing those sewer grates as well, but the return was about the same for them. All that heavy lifting for $5!

FYI, both of the suspects have priors for “possession of a controlled substance”, and you can bet it wasn’t muscle relaxants.

Perhaps this will be the end of “open road” driving in Elgin neighborhoods.

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