Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Another liberal president

What a bummer. McCain takes the lead. Rudy dropped out. Edwards dropped out. We’ve got Romney, McCain, Obama, and Clinton left to choose from. I’m not a huge Mitt fan but I’d pick him out of this bunch any day.

For those of you expecting Paul or Hunter or Bloomberg to mount a renegade campaign, third party candidates would almost certainly dilute the vote and insure a win for the donkeys. Perot with all his money proved that.

I do hope McCain isn’t the GOP choice. Like Bush, he acts like a border state politician on the issue of illegals. He goes after the brown vote with the only perk he has –amnesty. That approach appeals to the socially liberal Dems and Independents and he banks the election on converting those voters. (Think New Hampshire on a national scale.)

Look at me, talking like McCain is a done deal. Everybody needs 2,000 delegates to win. McCain will have some new money after the Florida win. Mitt Romney seems to find money (although he could use some endorsements from other candidates abandoning the campaign right about now).

A miracle at the convention might bring a decent conservative to the ballot.

For the record, my second choice from the list (after Romney) would be Hillary. I can’t believe I just wrote that, but when you look at Bill’s performance on illegal aliens, he outperformed Bush on enforcement and results.

Actually, any choice from that list would be so repulsive that I would skip that section of the ballot altogether.

Let’s hope things look better on the morning of February 6th.

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