Thursday, January 3, 2008

One Way Street - Northbound Only

Perhaps you have missed the great controversy surrounding Mexican trucks rolling into the United States. Bush is all for it; American truckers are against it. Many see this as the SPP taking shape.

And Mexico is all for it. Let’s get our trucks and drivers into the US to compete for jobs and freight accounts. Let’s get Mexican goods into US markets. It all makes sense.

But when you try to move our goods south into Mexico it is a different story. You see, when NAFTA was passed there was a 15 year moratorium on certain products like corn, beans and sugar entering Mexico.

Well, the deal expired January 1 and the Mexicans took to the streets and blocked ports of entry. US products are cheaper because they are subsidized (and because cousin Tito snuck into California and is working for cash).

There is no way the Mexican farmer can compete with the American farmers.

But there were protests here in Chicago as well. Emma Lozano has created a new organization and is shouting about how unfair it all is. (FYI, Emma was Elvira’s handler here in Chicago. She was Saulito’s guardian. She’s married to Rev. Slim Coleman. She’s the Chicana version of Jesse Jackson, going from cause-to-cause.)

It all points to the fact that these activists on both sides of the border are only out for themselves. It isn’t about fairness or reciprocity. It is all about what benefits Mexicans. And the rules change along the way.

Mexico is ruthless about illegals entering their country from the south. They treat immigrants harshly and impose strict rules. Yet they expect US to legalize everyone and provide free services.

They want Mexicans to be able to do business here without restrictions but refuse to afford US companies the same privilege.

Sadly, our politicians allow them to get away with it. That needs to change. And if it doesn’t we would be foolish to allow Washington to proceed with this SPP nonsense. Just like immigration policy, if it doesn’t benefit the people of the United States we shouldn’t do it. They work for us, not Mexico.

I agree with protesters that NAFTA hasn’t worked. I disagree with those who want half of NAFTA; the part that benefits them.

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