Saturday, January 26, 2008

No public office for me

I have yet one more reason I don’t want to hold public office. The first three have been my philosophy for quite some time now. The fourth I added today.

1) Consensus in today’s world means agreeing to things that are against your core beliefs. As a result, most public bodies these days are devoid of real debate and discussion of the issues. The group must bring forth a unified message.
2) Those of us on the outside can say and write things that an elected official would not be able to say or write.
3) I don’t savor the idea of meeting regularly to take additional rights away from the people. And I’m sure my colleagues would tire of me saying, “On this issue I believe it is none of our collective business.”
4) I would not want to go out and beg money from people to wage a campaign, then not vote for their favorite causes. I was raised with the notion that we “earn” our money. How else would a politician earn money?

I suspect that a large number of respectable people are kept out of public office for variations of these same reasons. Our country is worse off for it.

1 comment:

  1. I wouldn't do well in politics. I'm too ready to call someone out on their BS. And, God forbid, we have someone blunt and honest in public office...