Thursday, December 27, 2007

Confucius say.....

..."Settle one difficulty and you keep a hundred away.”

I am amazed at the fallout from the simple problem of allowing the uninvited to invade our country.

1- Anchor babies would cease to be a problem. What if there were no illegal aliens here? There would be no anchor babies. None. And no generational pull to legalize the father or mother.
2- Complex marriages would decline. We have no idea how many families live with the heartbreak and uncertainty of a spouse who is here illegally. One would think that the county clerk would be able to demand verification of legal presence. Not so. At least in Illinois it is strictly a “ministerial” function. They record the event in the public record. Nothing more.
3- Stolen Social Security numbers would be more secure. Imagine no need for No-Match letters. No need for E-Verify. Maybe we could go back to putting the Social Security number on our checks. Imagine that.
4- Schools we can afford. What would it be like if 10% of our school students disappeared? What about fewer bilingual students?
5- Emergency rooms would be for emergencies.
6- Hispanics would return to their normal path of assimilation. They were well on their way to being mainstream Americans in the mid-1980s. Now discrimination has crept in. And why not? So many millions of illegals. It is easy to do.
7- Entry level wages…would rise.
8- Kids would learn to work again.
9- Tax revenue would increase with fewer employees being paid in cash.
10- Housing would be less “overcrowded”.

Now, illegal aliens aren’t responsible for all our problems, but they have a hand in many of them. For example, the mortgage crisis. There are flippers and people buying more house than they can afford. But the illegals are part of the problem as well.

The health insurance problem is not entirely their problem, but they are part of it.

The same can be said of crime and gangs and uninsured motorists and drunk drivers and wife beaters and child molesters…They are in there and probably over-represented by virtue of the fact that most of them are from Third World countries.

So, why are we pushing so hard for a solution? Because we’ve seen the results of years of neglect. The problem will continue to grow if we don’t take action now. You can see it in the border crossing activity of the past 20 years. You can see assimilation falling apart. You can see them taking to the streets demanding amnesty. Unlawful presence will not taper off by itself. A lot of somebodies will need to take action right away.

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