Sunday, December 16, 2007

Chicago ICE

Listen to this from the Daily Herald: “According to immigration officials, 16 of the 21 arrested had known gang ties. Five were illegal immigrants they encountered during the operation with no known gang affiliation.”

This was in Chicago’s suburbs. The key phrase is, “Five were illegal immigrants they encountered during the operation…” This is a big step for Special Agent-in-Charge Brown. She actually allowed them to pick someone up who wasn’t on their original list.

The practice is called “collateral arrests” and it is rare here in Chicago. And there is no apology from ICE spokesmen either. All Gail Montenegro told the press was, “We are mandated to enforce immigration laws. And where better to start than with individuals who are here illegally and are members of violent gangs?”

I’m not ready to say we’ve turned a corner here, but things are looking up.

Maybe they got a copy of the Jim Hayes playbook. I certainly hope so.

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