Saturday, August 25, 2007

No Beck, but the protest goes on anyway

I wrote previously about the fact that the Holiday Inn and a judge forced the cancellation of a talk by Sheriff Daniel Beck. It seems that the group reserving the conference room “misrepresented” the event by writing on the form “Sheriff Dan Beck – Immigration Conference” instead of Minuteman Meeting.

So, the conference is off but not the problem. It turns out that the protesters were going to have their protest, Beck or no Beck. The Carpentersville Community Alliance, McHenry County Peace Group and the Latino Coalition decided it was a good day to protest, even if the object of their protest, Sheriff Beck, was cancelled.

Well, now along comes another group, Minuteman Midwest who agrees to join the protest. They had nothing to do with Beck, but they were willing to come out and represent the other side of the issue.

It looks like a pretty decent day for a protest in the park. We’ll see how this all turns out.

One thing is for sure, the cops will have to spend that $3,500 to cover that event after all. And since the rallies are in the park, I don’t think they have anyone to send an invoice to. There is some poetic justice in that.

I won’t be going to the protest. Hearing someone like Beck who knows how to deal with the problem is one thing; people yelling back and forth is quite another. One is productive; the other is not.

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