Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ay, Carranza!

Four black teens, hanging out in the park. They were playing some tunes and having some food. Time was running out before they had to report for school at Delaware State in the fall.

Four Hispanics approached them and announced that they were going to rob them. Natasha was shot in the face and left for dead by the bleachers. Her brother Terrence and two others were marched over to a wall, told to kneel down, and shot in the back of the head.

That was August 4th.

On August 9th Jose Carranza turned himself in to the Mayor of Newark. On the 10th he pled not guilty to murder, robbery, and attempted murder. A fifteen year old boy was also arrested on the 9th.

And on the 10th a second boy, also 15, was arrested in connection to the crime. One suspect remains at large.

Jose is what you would say “known to the police and the courts.” In April of this year he was indicted on aggravated assault and weapons charges as a result of a bar fight.

In July he was indicted on 31 (count ‘em, 31) counts of such things as aggravated sexual assault of a child under 13 and child endangerment for the rape of a young girl, then threatening her and her parents.

It turns out that Jose has a fake Social Security number. He also entered his plea in Spanish. He has been identified as an illegal alien from Peru.

Now, the judge in the April case released him on $50,000 bail. In July, the bail was set at $150,000, despite the fact that he began raping this girl in 2003 when she was four years old, and the abuse continued through this year!

Now, here’s the kicker. He’s eligible for bail at $1 million right now, despite all we know about him! Only his financial limitations are keeping him from walking out of the jail today.

No wonder the Fort Dix six were able to escape detection. One has to wonder what you have to do in New Jersey to be put on detainer hold by ICE.

Now, for you prosecutors, judges, and Immigration agents…listen carefully. I’m going to point out some clues that may help you spot someone who is here illegally. (Take notes, please!)

Step one: A clue that someone might be foreign-born. If they don’t speak English.
Step two: Check documents. If the Social Security card is bogus, this may be a clue that he does not have a legal presence. You may ask for a green card or a passport with valid visa. Non-citizens are REQUIRED BY LAW TO HAVE DOCUMENTS ON THEIR PERSON AT ALL TIMES.
Step three: Contact the LESC in Vermont and have them run the suspect through the Homeland Security databases.
Step four: Contact ICE and request an immediate detainer hold. They will conduct an interview and determine eligibility for you.
Step five: Notify the county jail (or other holding facililty) that the individual is only to be released to the custody of immigration officials.
Step six: Notify the courts that a detainer hold exists and he is not eligible for bail.

Geez! I’m beginning to think we are going to have to lock up some judges, lawyers, and police chiefs before people begin to understand what’s at stake here.

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