Thursday, August 30, 2007

CO2 and GHG

I’m going green. I’ve caught the bug. Mother Earth, I’m sorry for my past sins.

Now about these CO2s and GHGs, the time has come to reduce them considerably. They are wasting way too much energy and polluting our country. Whenever you put four families in a two-bedroom home, you are going to use more water and sewer. And they are WAY over the 2.0 children per couple.

And I was reading in the July issue of Alien Living magazine that their Car of the Year is a 1987 Town and Country Minivan (stretch model), followed by a 1993 Explorer. The 1985 4-door Buick came in third. We all know that these are the definition of gas-guzzlers and polluters to boot.

Bu the way, did you hear that Illinois is exempting all cars older than 1996 from smog testing because it requires too much effort to do emissions testing? (As in, you can’t just plug in and read the computer.) That’s right, those old, smoke belching, rust buckets no longer require testing. Ain’t socialism grand? The libs may have to work on that law.

My next-door neighbor had one of those ’85 Buicks. He’d warm it up for 15 minutes in the winter, right outside my bedroom window-at 4:45 am! And I think the muffler needs to be replaced, too.

So I’ve had it with these CO2s and GHGs. I say we work to get rid of them unless they have their papers.

(CO2 = Chinese Offenders GHG = Generally Hispanic “Guests”)

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