Sunday, May 12, 2013

Obama's Deportation Record

The State of Utah is an interesting place.  Mostly Mormon.  Heavily conservative.  They're kinda quaint in the things they are proud of, like Mitt Romney and the Jazz.  Utahns bust their buttons over odd things sometimes and tend to think everything was invented by a Mormon.  Rumors abound about who IS a Mormon in films and politics.  Like I say, it’s kinda quaint.

But there are some serious rankings that Utah SHOULD be proud of.  Like these:
  • “Utah has the nation’s highest percentage of stroke patients who receive clot-busting drugs in the 'golden hour,' within 60 minutes of arriving at a hospital emergency room, shows an analysis by the American Stroke Association.”
  • “...Census estimates released Wednesday show 35.7 percent of U.S. babies in 2011 were born to unwed women, continuing an upward trend that started in the 1940s. Utah had the lowest-in-the-nation rate of just 14.7 percent.”
  • “The most generous state, according to the latest study, was Utah, where residents gave 10.6 percent of their discretionary income to charity, followed by Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee and South Carolina.  The least generous was New Hampshire, at 2.5 percent, followed by Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.”

 Now for the bad news.  Utah is climbing in the area of immigration enforcement.  Actually, I don’t care about the ranking here, but rather the OTHER story buried within the story; proof that Obama is cooking the books on deportations.  Note the highlighted parts of the story below.

Utah now among top 10 states for immigration prosecutions
Courts » Utah is ranks 10th, far behind leaders Texas and Arizona.
By Brooke Adams
The Salt Lake Tribune
First Published May 10 2013 10:38 am • Last Updated May 10 2013 05:13 pm

Utah is among the top 10 states for immigration prosecutions for the first time ever, though its case count is a sliver of that in leading states Texas and Arizona.

Utah ranks 10th in immigration prosecutions with 135 cases filed in U.S. District Court for Utah during the first six months of fiscal year 2013, according to the report from the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) at Syracuse University. Utah ranked 13th a year ago.

The Southern District of Texas in Houston topped the list with 17,022 prosecutions, while the Western District of Texas in San Antonio ranked second with 13,379 prosecutions. Arizona, with 11,476, is listed third.

Those three courts have been at the top of the list for the past five years, according to the report, which is based on Justice Department data.

TRAC found that the lead charge in more than half the cases was "entry of an alien at improper time or place." The second most common violation was "reentry of a deported alien."

Nationwide, there have been 50,468 new immigration prosecutions filed so far. If filings continue at that pace, the total prosecutions for the year will top 100,000, a nearly 10 percent increase over the previous year.

Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Protection division accounted for 73 percent of the case referrals.

What that tells us is that Obama isn’t draining the swamp.  He’s not deporting the 11 million who are already here.  He’s calling himself The Great Deporter when he’s really counting the border captures.

The president of the ICE union, Chris Crane, reveals that Obama is making border captures, then converting them over to ICE arrests and deporting them right away.

So, the truth is that Obama’s deportation numbers are pathetically low when compared to past administrations.  Half of his numbers are an apples-to-oranges comparison and do nothing to relieve the problem in the interior.

In a candid moment to Hispanic journalists Obama admitted his scheme (for a political purpose, of course):
"The statistics are actually a little deceptive," Obama said last month during a discussion with Hispanic journalists. There has been "a much greater emphasis on criminals than non-criminals." And "with stronger border enforcement, we've been apprehending folks at the borders and sending them back. That is counted as a deportation even though they may have only been held for a day or 48 hours."

So, the next time someone tells you Obama has deported more illegal aliens than any previous president, keep in mind how he’s doing it.  His data is meaningless.

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