Friday, May 18, 2012

I Never Could Say No

Government simply cannot say no.  Politicians can’t do it.  They avoid the negatives.  They don’t want to go on record with a “No can do,” attitude.

Now, mix in a bureaucrat who makes decisions at a government operation…say a school or a welfare office or a Section 8 agency.  That bureaucrat knows liberals in office means more money for their budget.  Conservatives are likely to be more stingy.  (Think Wisconsin or New Jersey.)

The bureaucrat is going to work hard to create grateful customers.  She’s grooming liberal voters who are likely to vote for candidates who will give her a raise and keep the program going.

Look at the folks coming to the aid of the Chicago Teachers Union.  They are liberal parents and pastors.  Look at the people sending out mailers about home health care.  It’s the union (SEIU). 

And the mantra of the Occupy crowd is, Tax the rich and give it to the government for social programs.  In fact, there is a rally in Chicago today by the Nurses’ Union.  They are advocating a tax on the stock market with the money going to social programs.  It’s all part of the NATO Summit protest by the unions.

They are all trying to make more money flow toward government.

They are not particularly interested in efficiency.  More customers means more government employees.  (I might add that there is a tendency to hire government workers who are also liberal.  It makes job-protection easier.)

Essentially you have a sealed system.  Add the public sector unions and it is almost foolproof.  Such a program will never police itself. 

But even liberal politicians like Rahm Emanuel and Pat Quinn realize that the program is not sustainable.  When Illinois Democrats start asking questions you know we are in serious trouble.

But Washington still didn’t get the message.  We heard Harry Reid recently tell us that sending tax refunds to children in Mexico was the right thing to do, even in the face of $5 BILLION in fraud.  We regularly hear politicians defend the DREAM Act (in-state tuition for illegal alien children, followed by amnesty.)  Our own president refuses to prosecute people here unlawfully unless they are violent felons.

They just can’t say no, even in the face of the law itself.

And if you’re an illegal alien you are watching all this and sensing weakness…or maybe insanity.  But it doesn’t exactly command respect.

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