Friday, May 18, 2012

Harry, Harry, Harry

Once again Harry Reid, the Democrat Senator from Nevada, proves that he just doesn’t get it.

I could list some of Harry’s blunders, but I won’t.

I’d rather talk about his latest nonsense.  As I recently wrote, there is a problem with the tax code.  (Well, several really.  But let’s focus on this one for now.)  It has to do with the ITIN holders and their fraudulent use of the Additional Child Tax Credit.

Senator Reid says this about the problem: “I just think the child tax credit is working just fine and there’s no need to punish children.”

“…working just fine..” he says.  He was just given a report from the Inspector General that people were putting down the names of nieces and nephews living in Mexico, children who never have lived in the United States, and the IRS was sending the filer $1,000 per child in addition to their regular tax refund.  Some of these filers were putting down the names of ten relatives and getting more money back than they ever paid in.

He calls that fine???  Here we have a fraud problem to the tune of $5 BILLION a year and growing and Reid says it’s “…working just fine..”?

“…no need to punish children…” he says. 

First off, the point is that these aren’t our children.  They don’t even live here.  Reid can’t even invoke the Anchor Baby logic on this one.  They are children living in Mexico who have never lived here.  If Reid wants to help them it would be in the form of foreign aid, not the tax code.

Secondly, what makes him think that the money is actually getting to those children.  The filer committed fraud to claim the money.  Do you think he’s got the integrity to send his refund to those children? 

Third, the children themselves might be fictitious.  After all, the return is.

I’m beginning to think Harry Reid is a simpleton.  He really doesn’t get it.  He’s just a Washington useful idiot.  Put a quarter in him and he spouts off the party line. 

How does someone like that get to be Senate Majority Leader?

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