Monday, August 15, 2011

Tea Party Terrorists?

 (Update: The White House denies calling the Tea Party "terrorists," though Carney apparently admits that some democrats used the word in a meeting with Hagrid Biden.  And Obama had words with a citizen in Iowa over the allegations.  But no one can deny that the official democrat senate and Obama position is that they feel the Tea Party should take the blame for the S & P downgrade.)

Obama can't be serious, sending people like Reid and Axelrod out to blame the Tea Party for the credit rating downgrade and blaming them for attempting to sabotage the economy.

It is my fear that people might actually believe the hype that prompts me to post.

Obama is in campaign mode now, and he knows that two+ years of failure don't look good.  But he also knows that voters have a short memory.  He also knows that the way to deal with a political enemy is simple: Isolate, attack, marginalize.

The strategy worked against Palin and The Minutemen.  It'll work against the Tea Party.

In the Old Testament we learn of the scapegoat.  Lay all your sins on the poor animal and send him off into the wilderness. (Lev. 16:21-11)  Of course, the goat did nothing wrong, you did.  But that's how it works.

The informed public knows that Obama is looking for someone to blame to take the pressure off him and his agenda.  But how realistic is that?

Obama must answer his progressive friends for failing to deliver Gitmo...and his lack of action on amnesty...and single-payer insurance...and exiting Iraq and Afghanistan...and running up the deficit...and losing the House in 2010...and being less than transparent...and not delivering a variety of free lunches he was supposed to give us.

Informed voters know that Obama had ample chance to raise the debt ceiling while he had the majority in both houses.  But he didn't do it.  Why?  Well, maybe he knew it was a bad idea for the country.  Or maybe he needed to find a scapegoat before he did it?

And why didn't the Democrat majority pass a budget before the midterms?  Why did they wait until the year was almost over?  Scapegoating?

So taking cheap shots at the Tea Party makes no sense at all.  Conservatives are simply calling Obama on his bad choices as President.

It was Obama who ignored the jobs problem for a full year, choosing instead to shore up the public sector and make things worse for municipalities, counties and states.  They are stuck with MORE employees, HIGHER payrolls and even more owed pensions than before.

Obamacare is another sin he cannot place upon the goat.  Americans didn't want it.  TWO TIMES it failed in Congress.  But he continued to push for it and made some smelly deals in the process.  Now he has it, and the courts are struggling to make it legal.

Or his spending.  No more can we simply accept the notion that Bush spent lots of money too.  GWB looks like an amateur compared to the spending Obama's done.  And the Bush scapegoat has wandered off long ago.  Only his most staunch supporters still buy the, "Bush did it," line.

So, Team Obama only looks more ridiculous when he blames the Tea Party for the S & P downgrade.  The downgrade came because fantasy met reality.  Washington had a chance to send a signal to the world that it woke up to its problem of being a spend-a-holic and was going to finally do something about it.

What the world markets are looking for is less borrowing and less spending.  They want the government to freeze spending and allow revenue to catch up.  They want to see some effort to restore value to the USD.

Instead, Obama throws a tantrum and sends his spinners out to blame the Tea Party.

Good luck with that, Mr. President.  You've already got the votes of people dumb enough to buy that line.

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