Saturday, August 27, 2011

Campaign update

It has been a few weeks since I looked at the pack of GOP candidates.  Rick Perry grabbed some headlines with an invoice he sent to Washington to cover incarceration of illegal aliens in Texas.

So, I took a look at Perry's website.  It does not satisfy.  He has a brief mention of the border fence, but it is not a statement on his immigration policy proposal.

Bachmann gives the issue the same treatment.  Secure the border is all they want to talk about.  That's right out of the Michal Steele playbook and it misses the point.

They are pandering because there is very little opposition to the phrase, "Secure the border."

What I need to hear is a definitive statement on worksite enforcement, local cooperation, detention and deportation.  No one dares put it up on their website.

Sure, I understand website design enough to know that you cannot get too wordy, but it is very simple to link to a white paper or a speech or a newspaper article that amplifies your position.

We are still playing the game of soundbites when we have the bandwidth to share volumes.

Get with it, candidates!

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