Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Synapse gaps

There appears to be a mental malfunction in Rahm Emanuel's brain, a malfunction that causes a delayed response.
Perhaps you've heard that back in August Rahm performed a verbal hat trick:
1-He ticked off some fellow Democrats
2-He dropped the f-bomb
3-He offended people with disabilites
As for #1, he's known for being abrasive.
Number 2? Well, since the Nixon tapes America has known that the Oval Office ain't church.
But you must admit #3, using the word "retarded," is pretty low.
We ought to go easy on old Rahm. He's a slow thinker. It took him from August 18th(when he made the comment) to January 27th to apologize to the Special Olympics.
And the Special Olympics graciously accepted the apology. (Did I happen to mention that the Special Olympics is run by Tim Shriver, a member of Clan Kennedy? One wonders how gracious Tim would have been if the slur had come from Scott Brown.)
The other possible explanation for the delay is the old Clinton ethics. It goes something like this:
A) Deny the allegation.
B) If evidence comes forward, admit it.
C) Then apologize
This hope and change thing seems hopeless.