Friday, February 5, 2010

Never run a bluff...

...when your poke's empty

Obama is out there telling fellow dems to hang in there. Swing hard. Keep the faith.

In other words, don't be afraid to advance the Obama agenda just because it is an election year.

Then again, Obama's not on the ballot, so he's thinking more about his legacy than the midterms. He knows for sure that things will be harder for him in congress in 2011. It is almost a guarantee at this point.

But how rational is that if you are up for reelection in November? I mean, what would motivate a congressman to stick his neck out this year?

That's the downside of a republic. You can do what you think is best for your district, but now and then you get evaluated by the voters. And you can't exactly say the public likes the job congress is doing.

Specifically, there are some key Obama agenda items that aren't very popular:
Stimulus I and II
Government business control (banks and car companies)
Union power
Terrorist imprisonment
Terrorist trials
Lack of candor

So, Obama telling congress to be courageous seems a bit foolish.

It is even more foolish given Obama's track record with helping other campaigns. His appearances don't seem to be helping.