Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What ya gonna do...

…when they come for you?*
Cook County Board President Todd Stroger has a lien on his house. Someone wants him to pay $11,668.10 if he wants clear title to his own house.

That someone is the IRS. It seems Todd owes taxes from 2007. Oops.

And another little tidbit; Todd’s wife is a State of Illinois employee, making $56,700 a year as Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White's equal-employment opportunity officer.

And Todd’s salary as County Board President is $170,000 a year.

The official response to all of this?
Chicago Tribune:
Stroger has made arrangements to settle the IRS debt, according to a statement this morning from Eugene Mullins, Stroger’s spokesman. He said the administration would not respond to further inquires.

Chicago Sun Times:
Gene Mullins, a Stroger spokesman, told the Chicago Sun-Times on Tuesday night that Stroger and his wife already have made plans to pay the tax man.

But Mullins couldn't provide details beyond that, including how the Strogers let the situation get to the point where the IRS determined it needed to hold their feet to the fire by filing the income-tax lien with the Cook County recorder of deeds.

"It's a bill that him and his wife have made arrangements with the IRS on," Mullins said. "They made arrangements with them, and they're paying it off right now. They worked out a payment plan with the IRS."

I especially like the part where it says, "the administration would not respond to further inquires."

*Bob Marley, Bad Boys

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