Monday, May 4, 2009

More from the black robes

We live every day under the cloud of court rulings that require us to pay for the public education of illegal aliens and their children, to pay for biligual education, to print election information in foreign languages, and to give precious citizenship to children born to illegal aliens in the United States.

Well, here are two more Supreme Court rulings that may interest you.
The police are now limited in their power to search vehicles once an individual is arrested. Instead, if they want to search, they must do so with the perp in the car and without putting handcuffs on him. That doesn't sound very safe to me. (Arizona v. Gant)

You'll like this next one. You can't charge an illegal alien with identity theft unless you can prove that he knew the identity belonged to someone else. (You might need to read that a few times for it to sink in. Don't expect it to make sense.) So, much of the leverage prosecutors had with illegal aliens now goes down the drain. Viva los derechos (rights) of the illegal aliens. (Flores-Figueroa v. U.S., 08-108)

God Bless America. She needs it.

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